Actigraphy Scoring Manual

This Actigraphy (Actiware) Scoring Hierarchy Manual was developed for use by our laboratory to make decisions and provide reliability between our scorers of our Actigraph Spectrums using Actiware software for our own research (1R12AI085558-01A2; PIs: Taylor & Kelly). We later added additional scoring instructions for naps for a second NIH grant (R01AI128359-01; PIs: Taylor & Kelly). These instructions have been utilized and slightly modified for two other DoD/VA grants (W81XWH-13-2-0065; 1I01CU000144-01; W81XWH-10-1-0828; PI: Taylor).

Although this was developed for use by our research team, others have asked to use them for their own purposes and have requested citations. So, we decided to make them publicly available for anyone interested. However, it is still a living document and has so far only focused on sleep. 

Please cite as: 
Rijsketic, J.M., Dietch, J.R., Wardle-Pinkston, S. & Taylor, D.J. (2020). Actigraphy (Actiware) Scoring Hierarchy Manual. Retrieved from