The Insomnia and Sleep Health Research Laboratory was created at the University of Arizona (Arizona) in 2019 by Daniel Taylor, Ph.D., C,BSM, DABSM. Current research focuses primarily on three main tracts: 1) Insomnia, 2) Sleep Health, and 3) Military Sleep Medicine. Dr. Taylor is a principal investigator or co-investigator on federal research grants investigating insomnia and other sleep disorders as risk factors for the development or maintenance of comorbid disorders (e.g., infection, PTSD, cardiovascular disease) as well as the efficacy and effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy of insomnia in patients with comorbid disorders (e.g., PTSD, depression, fibromyalgia) in both civilians and military personnel. 

Several doctoral and undergraduate research assistants work in the the lab, with research focusing on a variety of topics. For more information about different students' research interests and ongoing projects, please proceed to the People page. For information regarding ongoing research projects, please proceed to the Research page. Dr. Taylor also provides specialized training in Behavioral Sleep Medicine to graduate students in the Clinical Psychology program at Arizona and through his postdoctoral fellowships. This was the first doctoral-level training site accredited by the American Board of Sleep Medicine while at his last university and the accreditation has been transferred by the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine to the University of Arizona.