Lab Photo 1
Entering into our lab, you will see four undergraduate RA standing desks to the left, entrances to the two graduate and postdoc research assistant offices, as well as the temporary conference tables, kitchenette, with many styles of coffee servers, and full refrigerator.


Lab Photo 2
This is the left graduate and postdoc RA office.


Lab Photo 3
This is the mirror image right graduate and postdoc RA office. Note: Both can also double as private therapy or interview rooms as needed, with pull down privacy shades over the windows.


Lab Photo 4
This picture is from the office side of the lab. You can see the conference table with 85” TV and video camera for meetings between ours and other labs and for lab presentations.


Not pictured is the new state of the art 8-bed University of Arizona Sleep and Circadian Research Center, for which we received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to build. It is scheduled for completion in just a few short months (October, 2021). We will have full access to this center, which has a full Biosafety Level 2 laboratory, plenty of office space, and administrative and technical support.